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Kudos for NEDC

Dr. Keenan and Wonderful Staff,
Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderfully hopeful visit and the great experience we had at our consultation appointment.  Everyone at the center was so nice and knowledgeable.  Dave and I look forward to working with each of you in our journey to complete our family.

Thank you again,
Jennifer and David

To the NEDC staff, Dr. Keenan, Carol Sommerfelt and Debbie Burke,
You have no idea what blessings you have brought to our lives. We knew before we married that we could not have children so we were able to pursue adoption right away and while working with Bethany in 2008, they mentioned embryo adoption to us. At that time we did not fully understand what it was so we said no. Later that year my mom saw a news story about a couple who had given birth to their embryo adopted baby. She forwarded the video to us and after watching it we had a life changing conversation and decided to look into embryo adoption.

After lots of prayers, research and conversations, we decided to give it a try. The idea that I would be able to carry my child was too good to be true especially since I had already come to peace with the fact that I would not ever be able to be pregnant.
Things just kept falling in line and were so easy. God seemed to keep sending us confirmation that we were in line with his will. On my transfer day, May 23, 2011, after seeing pictures of the embryos and seeing the ultrasound of the embryos inside me, Dr. Keenan said, “Well Lisa, you are officially pregnant, now you just have to stay that way!” Those were amazing words to hear! After all those years of mourning the loss of not being able to carry my child, I was pregnant! Embryo adoption, the NEDC, Carol Sommerfelt and Dr. Keenan were making what was impossible, possible.

Our sweet Allison was born February 10, 2012 and it still boggles my mind that I live in an age where I was able to give birth to my adopted child. The NEDC helped make our dreams come true and I wish there was a bigger word for “thank you”. I wish I could say or do something that showed how much gratitude we have for Dr. Keenan, Carol, Debbie and the entire NEDC family. You are dream makers and have had an eternal impact on our lives.
We are so excited to be returning to NEDC and the possibility of giving Allison a sibling, even a genetic sibling! I am not sure if it is God’s will to allow me to be pregnant again, but Allison has made the truth that God’s will and timing is perfectly real to me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Matt, Lisa and Allison Alford